Friday, 5 June 2015

Pilot Custom 823 review, FA nib, 2015


  1. Hello- can you explain what you mean by "pump primed"... My 323 runs dry after a few pages of writing and I have to stop using it......this is even when the pen is full of ink and the end cap is unscrewed by the recommended 2 mm. Very irritating. Is there something I can do to cure/ counteract this? The pen writes very smoothly otherwise.

  2. Try unscrewing the end-cap by more than 2mm, firstly - I find a good 5mm makes more of a difference. Then, try some different inks; with this pedantic pen the Pilot inks do seem to be happiest, for some reason. Lastly, try pumping a drop of ink by sliding out the button a little and then pushing it down (preferably over an absorbent surface or the kitchen sink).


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