Wednesday, 11 November 2015

TWSBI 580 replacement gold nib


  1. I would dearly love to replace my 580AL nib with a smoother gold nib. Would you be so kind as to link me to the one you purchased? Pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee?!

  2. As featured in the above report, I got it from Have a chat to Pablo or Esther there, and they'll help you to find the right gold nib for the pen!

  3. Was this the italic grind, or the cursive italic grind? I'm interested in the flex of the gold nib for achieving greater line variation. The italic seems to have crisper thick-thin strokes but is more difficult to master. The cursive italic is easier to write with, as I understand, but does not have as extreme thick-thin strokes. Is that correct? And which grind (italic or cursive italic) did you choose?

    1. It's actually not an italic at all! This is the medium round nib; the line variation comes from the naturally semi-flex nature of the gold. It's still going strong, and indeed is the pen and nib which I used to compile the Too Many Purples blog.


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