Monday, 3 March 2014

FPR Guru review, flex nib, 2014


  1. Thanks for posting, lovely blog. I don't understand why the guru should ideally be wielded by T-Rex. But I do think you've persuaded me to get a guru over one of those noodler pens everyone keeps raving/complaining about

    1. Yes, you should get one! As for T Rex, see the works of M Bolan Esq.😉

    2. Ugh...those Noodler pens are the worst. Hopefully this will be somewhat of an improvement.

    3. I have a Noodlers Ahab which I use every day, so I'd say they're worth getting used to! The Guru is quite different; it has a rather smaller nib, for a start. It's cheaper, though, so you're not taking much of a risk giving one a try.


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