Thursday, 14 March 2013

Platinum #3776 review Part Two


  1. Just taking a moment to let you know how much I enjoy reading your reviews. Back to them now.

  2. Hey, thanks Elle! Great to hear that you're enjoying it☺

  3. I've read several of your reviews in the past but have taken some time to read through many today. I do love reading a hand written review, and so beautifully presented too - I just wish I could return in kind.

    So to my thoughts. I have #3776 Century Bourgogne with SF nib (my Chartres has a B nib...) and it is my go to pen for a quick note/ list/ scribble/ doodle &c. Not so much for correspondence but I do love the feel of it, I could (and have done) write pages with it without pause. I started with Diamine Sargasso Sea and moved, would you believe it to Platinum Blue-Black. Although the Diamine was more wet than the Platinum ink, this was actually a negative for me in this pen. I wrote on poor quality absorbent note paper at the time and the Diamine ink was simply blotchy, it feathered so much and spoiled the fine line and subtle variation. The Platinum ink did not feather at all on the same paper and the water resistance was a benefit too. I tend to use the pen for all purposes as a result, even down to crosswords on newspaper!

    Inspired by your review and now with better quailty note paper, I may try Diamine ink in it again. The Sargasso Sea now goes into the broad nibbed Chartres pen - such a good match.

    On another note, I also found the nib improved so that after about the 4th refill I was more comfortable with it, it still improves I think but I don't push for flex at all, rather I enjoy the fine feedback and subtle variation in line and flow that a moderate to light touch gives.

    I'd love to read your thoughts on the pen now that you've been with it for a while.


    1. Thanks for the taking the time to compare notes, Jamie. I found that this nib improved with time, as well - and this seems to be the experience with many modern flex nibs, actually. Diamine is a big favourite of mine too but I find Sargasso Sea can clog feeds, so be careful; Sapphire and Imperial Blue are rather better behaved. I've recently had cause to use one of Platinum's permanent pigment inks in this pen, for addressing a whole pile of wedding invitations, and it handled the job without complaint - I was just sure to give the feed a good flush afterwards!


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